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The Principality of Wales as part of Great Britain is not a region, as is a common misconception internationally. Wales is a country in its own right, as proudly distinct in the British Isles as Scotland and England and it is now gaining equal recognition on the world stage.

Wales is in resurgence both politically and culturally, with its vibrant capital Cardiff promoting itself as Europe’s youngest Capital City as it was established as such in 1955. There is an irony here not lost on the Welsh, as theirs is one of the oldest cultures and languages in Europe, established here by the Celts around 600BC.

But to those outside the British Isles, Wales is largely an undiscovered destination. Situated on the mid west of Britain, the Welsh border with England runs from Bristol in the south to Liverpool in the north. Wales is a land of breathtaking beauty, boasting three national parks and a number of designated areas of natural beauty, it is a land of rural landscapes, of rolling valleys of green and of the majestic mountains of Snowdonia.

Wales is a place rich in all kinds of legend and history, with Neolithic burial sites and early Celtic artefacts in Anglesey and Pembrokeshire, mighty Medieval castles stud the landscape around North Wales , and in the south the country’s industrial heritage is celebrated. This rich history has seen a number of parts of Wales designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ranking them among Stonehenge , the Great Wall of China, Thebes and the Statue of Liberty.

The pride in its separate heritage and culture of Wales is irrepressible in its people, despite constant attempts by its domineering neighbour throughout history. This shines through in the Welsh language, the industrious nature of the Welsh and a rousing chorus from a Welsh Male Voice Choir and if you get the chance to watch the national game Rugby, you’ll see it then – especially if Wales are playing England!

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